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Scrubbers are one of the most effective and used tools useful to remove and filter dust and micro health hazard.

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Pickling systems

Pickling systems allow to eliminate the residues of rust of hot-rolled thanks to the action of acids or other chemicals.

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Aspiration and ventilation systems

Extraction and ventilation systems are designed to eliminate dust and fumes from processing, thus ensuring a clean and healthy working environment.

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Plastics processing

Realization of various products in PVC, plexiglass, corian,... CNC machining manifactures and much more.

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Water treatment systems

Water treatment systems allow to purify water from organic and inorganic contaminants.

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Galvanic treatment systems

The lines of galvanic treatment allow you to treat metal surfaces to give them hardness and durability.

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Our main services:

  • fume treatment
  • scrubber
  • galvanic treatment systems
  • spray booth and varoius gadgets
  • expansion joints
  • storage systems
  • tanks and reservoirs
  • valves

  • basin cover
  • cowl
  • plastics processing
  • galvanic treatment systems
  • cnc
  • ecological systems
  • design and productions of ecological systems
  • construction projects to customer's drawing
  • system installation performed by qualified staff