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Picking systems, tanks and reservoirs

Pickling plants, containment tanks, reservoirs

What are the pickling lines and galvanic treatment systems

The pickling systems allow you to remove residual rust of hot-rolled by the action of acids or other chemicals.

How do pickling systems

The pickling of steel is achieved by dipping the pieces in a bowl filled with acid.
The action of these chemicals, eliminating any residual rust, allows to prepare the steel for the application of anti-corrosion coating and the future work.

Personalized tanks and reservoirs

MPA builds, from a long time, tanks and reservoirs according to specific customer requirements.
The CNC process allows to obtain accurate results, a key factor in building pickling tanks that will contain acids and potentially hazardous materials.
MPA also provides to all of its customers a 360-degree services, which is not only limited to the realization of the pickling system, but also to the installation and commissioning of the system.

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