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Abatement towers, scrubbers, tower fume, blasting systems

What are scrubbers

The abatement towers , or scrubbers, are one of the most effective and used tools useful to remove and filter dust and micro-pollutants harmful to health.
Any company that produces smoke emissions and pollutants has, by law, to purify the air emitted to preserve the environment.

Scrubber systems

In most cases scrubbers are mainly composed of two parts:

The particular liquid introduced in scrubber allows polluting dust to settle to the bottom of the tank, freeing up clean air.

From manufacturing to installation

Each scrubber must be designed and constructed according to the characteristics of the work to be performed.
MPA, thanks to the experience acquired over many years of experience, is able to support you in every step of the work, from the creation of scrubber until the installation and commissioning of the plant, both in Italy than in the rest of the world.

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